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Our final schedule for 2019 is online.  He, and sometimes one of his granddaughters, will be demonstrating the craft at those shows.  We will have some, but not all of our products at most of the shows.  We still do not have enough product to enable us to put out a catalog, online or otherwise. 

If you are interested in buying some of our items, much (not all) of what we make we wholesale to Townsends, so you can go to their website and search for what you are wanting and purchase it there.  Some of the items we have made in the past for them are now being made by other blacksmiths.




CMA Mission

Our son-in-law, who is married to our youngest daughter, serves as a teacher to American troubled teens in the Dominican Republic.  To learn more about their lives there, click the above button. 

To help support Andrew and Sarah's work with the teens, click this link to their support page.  Click on "Andrew Stuck" (not Stroup) to donate to their support.

To learn more about the Caribbean Mountain Academy, click the button below.

Caribbean Mountain Academy


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